Tiara Andini (20), singer, actress What love song are you obsessed with right now?



The Jakarta Post



It’s “Reckless” by Madison Beer. The story of the song is devastating. It’s about a girl who is so blindly in love with this guy she doesn’t listen to her friends anymore. Her friends have warned her about him, but she refuses to believe them and still sees this guy. She believes that he loves her and he will never cheat on her. It turns out that her friends were right all along. Who was your celebrity crush when you were a kid? I had two huge crushes: Teuku Rassya and Iqbaal Ramadhan. [laughs] Back when I was in elementary school, CJR [pop boyband in which Iqbaal Ramadhan was a member] was huge because no one came close to them. I still remember Iqbaal with his hat and his braces [laughs]. Also, back in the day, I used to write about Iqbaal all the time on my Facebook. Gosh, I was so cringey! Can you tell me your most treasured Valentine’s Day memories? Nothing special, just so-so. My Valentine’s Days so far have never been that euphoric. Maybe later, when I finally find that special someone. I guess I just haven’t found the right guy. Please describe your most ideal date! I just want us to go out, watch movies, work out together, watch concerts or I have a gig and he watches me perform. I think doing simple deeds like that is also a gesture of love. Help, my love life is a disaster! What should I do? As your Love Doctor [laughs], I say what is important during this pandemic is communication and trust. If neither of those things exists, I don’t think your romance will last long. I’ve been there before, when we always maintained our communication but couldn’t help but feel suspicious with each other. The harder we hold on to things, the easier they are to slip away.