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Yura Yunita (30), singer-songwriter

What love song are you obsessed with right now?

The love song that has been my companion these days and feels a lot deeper in times like these is my song “Dunia Tipu-Tipu”. I feel this song describes my love best right now. Because of social media as well, everything seems grey at the moment, but when I’m with my loved ones — my family, my friends and my team — all the grayness fades and turns to white. I define love as when we no longer need to use our words; just by letting our eyes speak, we instantly know that we feel secure with each other and we promise never to part.

Who was your celebrity crush when you were a kid?

Back in the day, my dad used to play this DVD of Michael Jackson and I saw him as the most ideal man of my life [laughs].

Can you tell me your most treasured Valentine’s Day memories?

I still remember very clearly: it was Feb. 14, 2016, and I had this solo gig and all my fans were there. I see it as the most memorable Valentine’s Day ever because that day felt like my birthday and not like a Valentine’s Day. One by one, the fans told me why they loved my music and it was very intimate. We exchanged gifts as well and there were a lot of gifts!

Please describe your most ideal date!

For me personally, an ideal date is when I can double-date with my parents. Dating is usually about going to beautiful and romantic places and I don’t know why, whenever I go to those places what is on my mind is always my parents — that my parents should see these beautiful places as well. My husband already knows this all too well! [laughs] I always believe that if the four of us can connect, our happiness shall continue for the rest of our lives.

Help, my love life is a disaster! What should I do?

First of all, before we can love someone, we must be able to love ourselves first and foremost. When we love ourselves, we can reflect that love on others as well. Second, once we meet the candidate for “The One”, I learned from my mom that your partner should be someone who can support all your passions and vice-versa. Pursuing your passions is what makes you alive, and if your partner doesn’t support your passions, that means your partner doesn’t support what makes you happy in your life. Another thing that I find is important is testing your compatibility as a couple by traveling together! [laughs]

At least for three days, you and your partner should go out of town to a place that is not where you are normally accustomed to. If things go well, hopefully that means you and your partner should do well for the rest of your lives. But, if things go sour during the trip, maybe it’s time to reconsider your relationship.





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